My business idea was a new exciting app which will show you what your hair would look like before you dye it. The app offers you easy choices of the colours you want to dye your hair and a social media bar allows you to share your photo on any social network site and get other people’s opinion so you don’t waste your money on dyeing it if other people don’t think it’s nice.

After my win with Bad Idea I decided that business was something that interested me and when I went to pick my Highers for school I choose Business Management even though I haven’t done it before because before I didn’t think I would be interested in it. I am doing a 2 year Higher with Business and I have nearly completed my first year which I have really enjoyed. At various points of the course I can link back to Bad Idea and the stuff I learned. I have just finished the marketing section and one day during the Bad Idea was focusing on marketing which I think has really helped me understanding marketing in school.

Also because of Bad Idea and the presentations I had to do I believe I am more confident; in October my school was taking part in the YPI competition where you had to compete in a competition in a group to present a charity and win £3,000 for the charity. Later on in December I did an event at Apple where Anthony from Bad Idea asked me about my experience and I think this also helped with my confidence. My group won and I think because I did the Bad Idea completion it helped with my presentation skills and with my confidence.

When I am older I would be interested in doing something further with Business because I enjoy it.

Demi, 2014

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