A massive opportunity was offered to me since taking part in the Bad Idea competition of 2014 – Amy Rew was developing a girls’ club in Glasgow after working with the Girls Club which is based in New York. The idea is to bring the same relevant issues from New York to Glasgow and give the girls of Glasgow better opportunities.

A big thing was to open up the world of business to girls and give them a better understanding of how the world of business works. I’ve been working with Amy on how to become an ambassador and help out with the girls. I’ll be making workshops using the same plan and design used throughout the four days of the Bad Idea competition as a guideline to help the girls set up their own scientific idea for a new competition coming up. I’ve also been working with her friend Carol Cooke whose business Scrumptious Production works with film and documentaries. This will be my work experience in school to further develop my skills learned from Bad Idea to do better in the workshop. We’ve also spoken about opportunities to go to New York and work with girls there and talk them through my experience of the Bad Idea and my actual idea, leading similar workshops but with the girls in New York.

Taking part in the Bad Idea competition totally altered my view on how achievable having your own business and working for yourself is – I changed my whole view on my career path and now just want to make my own business.

The benefits of participating in Bad Idea go way beyond just making a plan for a competition,  the skills you take from it are so beneficial and relevant to the rest of your life whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship or not.

Shelby, 2014

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