The bad idea competition helped me with my confidence, speech and my attitude towards talking/taking part in groups and being able to share my idea with 20+ people. The bad idea has helped me with my confidence because when I first went I wouldn’t even say my name to my group or the answers to the questions, to me it didn’t matter about being able to know all the answers or winning money to me it was about getting my act together and being able to do it!

After I got used to everyone being around me I came out my shell a little and I would share the answers and help everyone else, by the end of the week I could talk to anyone I just wasn’t confident enough to talk out to everyone with the microphone. As I said at the beginning, it wasn’t about the money, it was to achieve my goal and by the end of the week I had also done that. One of the staff at the bad idea Anthony Gerrard he boosted my confidence the most as he was always boosting my confidence because he was always making me laugh.

I would recommend bad idea to anyone, if I could do it again I would!

Taylor, 2015