Our vision is for Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.  It is the entrepreneurial, the innovators, the doers, the creators, the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs who create the most value, the jobs and contribute significantly back to our country.

We need entrepreneurial people to start, grow, change, renew all aspects of our economy; from start-ups to corporates, in Government, in education, everywhere.

It is all about people, as it is people who make the impact.  These people need connections.  We need to connect them together so they can share insight and experience, access new ideas, markets, opportunities, find the resources they need.  I have seen the power of connections first hand, as Entrepreneurial Scotland already has a Leaders’ tier of membership; people who are leading businesses and generating wealth in Scotland and internationally through innovation.

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We also need to connect the next generation.  For that reason, we recently launched a new Future Leaders’ tier at Edinburgh Castle for the next generation of innovators.  We are attracting talented, ambitious people from a wide range of backgrounds – all able to demonstrate their contribution to an enterprising activity within a business, social enterprise, charity or within the public sector in Scotland and are on a path to leading high impact enterprises.

Together with a shared passion for Scotland, we can build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Sandy Kennedy, CEO of Entrepreneurial Scotland


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